Premium Tax Database and Software

Premium Tax Database and Software

TAXBOX 2 is the market-leading end to end premium tax database and software – a must for multi-national insurance companies and anyone working with international insurance programmes.TAXBOX 2’s ground-breaking software gives companies everything they need to ensure full compliance – enabling efficient sign-off with tax authorities in multiple tax jurisdictions.

TAXBOX 2 simplifies the preparation of premium tax and parafiscal returns.  It is comprised of three modules:


What Makes TAXBOX 2 Unique?

TAXBOX 2 is at the heart of FiscalReps’ business, clients can be safe in the knowledge that the accuracy of data will be maintained on a real time basis.

  • It is the only software available that allows users to investigate and calculate premium tax liabilities, prepare and generate tax returns and make payments
  • TAXBOX 2 alerts the user of changes as they happen through a notifications function
  • The system contains data which is cross-referenced to tax legislation and available in the footnotes.

TAXBOX 2 Company Wide Compliance

  • Accuracy and efficiency for your tax team
  • Pricing and calculating support for Underwriting
  • Easy integration and usability for IT
  • Peace of mind for Compliance
  • Financial efficiencies for your CFO
  • Avoidance of IPT reputational issues for PR

Technical Specification and Support

TAXBOX 2 comes with full onsite training, comprehensive user manuals and online support
Hardware-OS:  Windows Server 64 bit
Software-OS:  Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit
Browser support:  Internet Explorer v11, Firefox v11, Firefox v43 and v44 and Google Chrome.