An Effective Solution to Indirect Tax Compliance

Sovos FiscalReps is the leading solution for premium tax compliance in Europe, filing in excess of 25,000 tax returns annually for over 400 insurance clients across the region. 

Outsourcing allows a company to partner with our specialist external resource easing the burden and challenges of indirect tax compliance. It is a popular strategy for many multinational insurance companies, negating their need to internally recruit a team of indirect tax specialists and the significant associated investment in knowledge management and compliance systems.

In recent years the tax affairs of large multinational organisations have been subject to greater scrutiny than ever before.  Both the global media and national governments seem intent on uncovering more examples of tax avoidance, citing these as examples of “big businesses” not paying their “fair share” and “exploiting” tax legislation.

Tax legislation remains profoundly complex and especially when trading across international borders.  Laws are often old, subject to ever changing case law and lacking in clarity.

Our Outsourcing Service can streamline a company’s reporting procedures and ensure compliance in each country where cross-border insurance is written.

Our Outsourcing Service Includes:

  • A dedicated Onboarding Team
  • Annual product mapping
  • Premium Tax Return preparation and submission
  • Client Money Management
  • Ongoing liaison with tax authorities
  • A secure audit trail
  • Tax Alerts and a monthly Newsletter
  • Attendance at forums and seminars on premium tax.

Benefit From:

  • Peace of mind - knowing your reporting requirements are met on time, every time
  • More time - reducing internal administrative burdens
  • Efficiencies -  not having to invest resources in maintaining premium tax information
  • Expertise -  having access to FiscalReps’ specialists.