5 Point Healthcheck

5 Point Healthcheck

Our 5 Point Healthcheck service is ideal for companies wanting peace of mind that their business complies with local tax authorities.  By undertaking a thorough review of internal processes, the Healthcheck is designed to highlight areas of risk and identify opportunities where improvements could be beneficial.

The Healthcheck covers IPT compliance and is specifically tailored to a business’s individual requirements. Our team of specialist consultants will report strengths within existing systems, identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations on any remedial actions that follow the review.

The Healthcheck – minimise risk, maximise compliance

  • Discovery – a thorough review of your organisation's data for a three month period and application of rates against products underwritten
  • Compliance – review of process to ensure taxes are being reported and settled in line with local tax authority guidelines and requirements
  • Calculation – based on the discovery and compliance findings, we will prepare detailed premium tax calculations of current and up to three prior year insurance periods
  • Risk Review – identify areas of risks and provide recommendations
  • Report – a full report documenting all findings

For further information please contact your Client Director. Alternatively, please email us at EMEAInfo@Sovos.com or call us on +44 (0)20 7036 8070.