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31 May 2016 Tax Alerts

Tax Alert: Reduction in CCS Rates on Motor Business

Provisional legislation has been presented to the Spanish insurance regulator, the Direccion General de Seguros, providing for the reduction to the rates of charges due to the Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros(CCS) in respect of Spanish motor risks.
04 May 2016 Tax Alerts

IPT Alert: Poland - Insurance

The Polish Gazette dated 25 March 2016 notified the insurance market that the Insurance Ombudsman Contribution due from foreign insurers increased from 0.0125% to 0.0150% of total gross written premium.
18 March 2016 Tax Alerts

VAT Alert: EU – Claims Handling Vatable?

The European Court has issued its Decision in the case of Aspiro SA, saying that claims handling should be subject to VAT. Many EU States already apply VAT if the claims handler is not also the introducing broker or agent, and it appears this is correct in EU law.
08 February 2016 Tax Alerts

IPT Alert: Malta - Fiscal Rep Requirement Abolished

Malta is the latest country to relax the rules requiring the appointment of a fiscal representative for non-Maltese insurers writing business in Malta. Although the fiscal representation requirement no longer exists, it is still necessary to file and pay your premium taxes in accordance with the tax legislation.
02 November 2015 Tax Alerts

VAT Alert: UK – Pension Scheme Administration

HMRC has published another Revenue & Customs Brief No. 17/2015 to update their position on the recovery of input tax by an employer on pension scheme administration costs