3 February 2015

For many years, businesses established in one EU Member State have been able to register for VAT in any other EU country and submit returns from their home country. This facilitation arises mainly from the Mutual Assistance Directive, which allows the tax authority in one Member State to enlist the help of a tax authority in another Member State in collecting any outstanding tax debt.
However, non-EU businesses have to appoint a VAT Fiscal Representative in some EU countries, to meet their filing responsibilities and make payments of any VAT due. Generally, a VAT Fiscal Representative needs to be a company resident within the EU country concerned, and needs to be acceptable to the local tax authority. It will submit VAT and other relevant returns such as Intrastat or EU Sales Lists, and settle any tax due. Usually it also has to accept joint and several liability for VAT debts, and so a security deposit may be required from the non-EU business.
FiscalReps is exploring the possibility of using its EU wide corporate structure to provide VAT Fiscal Representation services, and any business interested in this should contact:
Peter Hewitt
e: peter.hewitt@fiscalreps.com