29 July 2014

On 25 June, FiscalReps attended the annual shareholders meeting of Gestora in which 20 new members’ applications were submitted to join this year.

Gestora are the organisation responsible for collecting and paying the Fire Brigade Charge (FBC) on behalf of the member insurance companies in Spain.

FiscalReps obtained confirmation that no changes have been made to the FBC in the last year. The rate  Spain remains the same, 5% on pure fire premiums and 2.5% on multi-risk premiums that include fire.Only one municipality in Spain, Rivas Vacia-Madrid, has continued to apply an additional rate of 7.5%, i.e. 12.5% on pure fire premiums and 10% on multi-risk premiums that include fire. This was effective from 1 January 2013.

Domestic and Freedom of Services (FoS) insurers that are authorised to write insurance classes 8 & 9 (Fire and Natural Forces and Other Damage to Property) and intend to write any policies with a fire element in Spain should apply for membership with Gestora. Membership is not compulsory; however it makes payment simpler for the insurer by avoiding the logistical complexity of paying the FBC directly to over 200 municipalities.