3 February 2015

Once again Domestic and FoS insurers that are authorised to write insurance Classes 8 or 9 (Fire and Natural Forces and Other Damage to Property) have the opportunity to apply for membership with the Gestora (the organisation responsible for collecting and paying the FBC on behalf of the member insurance companies in Spain).  In order to become a member of the Gestora the applications should be submitted before the end of April 2015, as the Gestora only allows insurance companies to follow this process once every year.
There are currently over 250 members of Gestora, and in respect of the FOS companies, 60% are FiscalReps’ clients. In 2014, we submitted six new applications all of which were successfully accepted.
In respect of the annual process of declaring and paying the FBC liabilities, FiscalReps has just completed the 2015 prepayments (based on 2013 premiums) and we are currently in the process of submitting the annual reports which details premiums declared in 2014 for each of our clients.