3 February 2015

Contract and Premium Reporting

A decree passed by the Italian Parliament last November has moved forward the deadline for the submission of the Contract and Premium Reports.  These are now due by the 28 February of the following year, starting with the 2014 data.  The legislation allows for penalties ranging between €200 and €5000 for late, inaccurate or non-submission.  Please contact us should you need assistance with the SID Channel registration or if you wish us to provide you with data input templates.
RAVF – 2015 Management Fees
The management fees to be deducted for the calculation of the 2015 RAVF contribution have been set at the rate of 4.4%.  The 2.5% Contribution is therefore due on the 95.6% of the relevant premium collected in respect of Classes 10 and 12.
IPT on Motor Third Party Liabilities (MTPL)
There is a new IPT rate for the Rome province.  With effect from when the premium is collected on and after 1 February 2015, the IPT rate in the Rome province will change from 16.0% to 9.0% but only with regards to commercial MTPL insurance undertaken by companies renting out or leasing vehicles without a driver.  The default rate remains at 16.0% for all vehicles not included in the above description.