6 March 2015

The 2014 Claims Reports are due by 30 April 2015. The legislation allows for Penalties ranging between €200 and €5000 for late, inaccurate or nonsubmission of Reports. However, Nil Reports are not required. FiscalReps is able to submit this Report, on behalf of its clients, to the Italian Tax Office using bespoke software; unlike the Contracts and Premiums Reports. Please contact us for data input templates should you require our assistance but please note that this reporting does not form part of our normal annual services and is subject to extra fees due to local Italian costs.
The 2014 Motor Reporting is due by 31 May 2015. Insurance companies writing third party motor liability are required to report the amount of IPT on Motor Third Party Liability paid in the previous year to each of the Italian provinces.
The data required by the Tax Authority is as follows and must be reported on a policy basis:
  • Policy number
  • Vehicle owner’s fiscal code
  • Peculiarities of the policy such as the policy risks on more than one vehicle; transportation, leasing or renting company
  • Vehicle’s number plate
  • Province code
  • IPT rate applied
  • Taxable premium
  • IPT paid
  • Total premium and IPT by province
This reporting is included within FiscalReps’ annual service fees.
Notification of Changes
Clients are reminded that there is a 30 day period for notifying Italian Tax Authorities of any changes that affect their IPT Registration (e.g. change of registered address, change of name, merger or acquisition etc.). This is a legal requirement, even though the legislation does not provide for any penalties in case the time limit is not met.
If you require any assistance in respect of Italy, please contact:
Susie Crew
e: susie.crew@fiscalreps.com
Alessia Mecozzi
e: alessia.mecozzi@fiscalreps.com