4 November 2013

Following the enforcement of new regulations concerning Fiscal Federalism in Italy, each province now has the ability to vary the IPT rate of 12.5% on motor vehicle insurance. They can increase or decrease the rate by 3.5% effectively allowing provinces to charge between 9% and 16%. The Italian IPT return has been amended to accommodate this change.

The province must publish the new rate on the website when it decides to vary the rate. It's important to identify the date of publication of the decision for each province because the new rates take effect on the first day of the second month following the publication.

Decisions published in June were effective starting 1 August, decisions published in July were effective 1 September and decisions published in August will be effective 1 October.

Insurers are to identify the correct province, and therefore the correct rate, by reference to the residence of the owner of the car.