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28 March 2018 Tax Alerts

Tax Alert: Slovakia - IPT Update

Sovos FiscalReps met with the Slovakian Tax Office on 23 March 2018 and amongst other agenda points also discussed the transition from the current Non-Life Insurance Levy to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).
10 January 2018 Tax Alerts

Tax Alert: Slovakia - Insurance Premium Tax 10th Jan 2018

Today, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic has released a draft law on Insurance Premium Tax. If the draft IPT legislation is approved, it will replace the existing 8% Non-life Insurance Levy. The 8% Levy from compulsory motor third party liability insurance shall remain unchanged. It is expected that the IPT will have the character of indirect tax and insurance companies will be required to collect and pay this tax.
03 January 2018 Tax Alerts

Tax Alert: Italy – Changes to IPT prepayment and new IPT exemption

Further to our Tax Alert released on the 7th November 2017, the Italian Parliament have approved the changes to the IPT prepayment, with the deadline moving from the 16th of May to the 16th of November each year. The percentage increase is however higher than anticipated.
02 November 2017 Tax Alerts

Tax Alert: Greece - Pension Fund Introduced

Further to our July newsletter article on the reintroduction of the Greek TEA EAPAE contribution, further developments have now been confirmed by the Pension Fund responsible for its collection.