What is the TLS method of encryption?

TLS is a security protocol which is designed to provide secure communication over the internet.
TLS creates a secure connection through an authentication procedure which authenticates each server by exchanging and validating pre-shared digital certificates. Once a secure connection has been established, a session key is used to encrypt and decrypt data flowing between two parties and validate its accuracy and consistency.
TLS ensures that no third party may eaves drop or tamper with a message or its contents.

Benefits of TLS

  • No configuration to end user workstations
  • Extensive range of email platforms are support
  • All email correspondence is securely encrypted

Next Step

TLS is configured at an organisational level and requires no configuration to end user workstations. FiscalReps IT Support can liaise directly with your company IT provider for seamless implementation with no disruption.
FiscalReps has implemented email encryption to manage risk by protecting communication of confidential information. Email encryption has been achieved through Transport Layer Security (TLS) method.