In view of the current banking difficulties in Cyprus we would like to allay any concerns of clients who engage FiscalReps for the payment of Cypriot premium taxes (Stamp Duty and Motor Guarantee Fund).

FiscalReps effects the payment of client taxes in Cyprus by means of electronic funds transfer from our Euro bank account in the UK to our associates in Cyprus who then make payment to the Cypriot tax authorities.

As FiscalReps does not keep any client or FiscalReps funds in bank accounts in Cyprus there should be no risk to client funds from the current financial and banking crisis.

We do not anticipate any delay in the making of premium tax payments due to the Cypriot tax authorities next month, but should difficulties arise we will  work closely with our local associates to ensure that all tax payments are paid by the statutory due dates.


If you have any questions please contact Nick Hammond on +44 (0)20 7036 8070, or by email to