On 27 th September FiscalReps travelled to Milan, Italy for the first Italian European Forum hosted at the Hotel Dei Cavalieri.

At 11am the Forum started with an introduction of the company by Paul Chater, Client Director of FiscalReps. Then Giulia Mazza delivered an Italian presentation of ‘The Life of a Tax Liability’. A small Q&A session then took place. Giulia then continued with an overview of all recent IPT updates in Europe. Finally, Rossana Paini from Studio Arietti & Partners (Mazars) gave a very accurate panorama of the Italian IPT situation, from its beginning to its future. All attendees engaged in a constructive debate at the end in regards to the Italian legislation, in particular in respect of a Marine query.

FiscalReps continuerá il successo del Tour dei Forum europei 2013 e prevede di ospitare nuovamente un Forum nel 2014.