Mike Stalley, Chief Executive of FiscalReps, and I have recently returned from a short trip to Turin where we continued to strengthen the relationship between FiscalReps and our Italian associates.
We arrived in the afternoon of Thursday 12 July, and headed straight to the office to make a start on an already large agenda. After a few hours our appetite’s got the better of us and we headed out to enjoy a lovely evening meal looking down Vittorio Vento square while the sun set; a mild 27 degrees and a short tour of the surrounding area was a pleasant way to end the evening.
An early start on Friday ensured we maximised the time available in Turin. Mike and I went our separate ways, which enabled Mike to meet potential clients, while I continued from the previous evening before reconvening for lunch. A mid-afternoon flight back to England gave us a few hours in the afternoon to finalise outstanding issues and discuss another trip in the coming months.
Our visit to Turin was largely successful albeit brief. It gave us the opportunity to build on our understanding of Italian reporting and explore new avenues for FiscalReps in Italy.