Along with Ann Stalley, Head of Local Compliance, I recently visited Helsinki to build further relationships within the tax office and have a much needed catch up with our associates.

The trip involved a very productive meeting with one of the top tax experts in the Helsinki tax office. From our questions we gained insightful feedback, which ultimately greatly helps our client queries and the general knowledge of how situations have progressed since the last meeting in May 2011. From our meeting we were able to fulfil the main purpose of the visit, resolving current issues and provide ideas for solutions.

Currently only Finnish companies are able to submit tax returns online, as they are issued a Finnish personal identity code. There has recently been talk of ‘foreign’ companies being able to submit returns online via the Katso system, meaning the deadline for submission will be slightly later. However it now transpires this may not materialise until 2013. We will of course keep on top of the updates and for the time being will continue to submit our Finnish IPT returns via the paper method.

The visit was a great opportunity for me to meet one of our associates with whom I have weekly conversations, and finally put a face to the name! He was accommodating and assisted in discussion if there was a slight language barrier, although everyone who we met with spoke fantastic English.

At FiscalReps we always aim to have the best possible compliance and visits like this can really benefit advice and information we pass onto our clients. We are planning to visit Finland again before the end of the year for further discussion in regards to Finnish legislation.

This was my first visit to Finland and I look forward to the next!

Deborah Uys