FiscalReps travelled to Vienna in February to meet our clients and the Austrian Tax Office. The trip covered three days and provided us with the opportunity to meet our clients face to face, learn about their business and IPT concerns and strengthen our day to day working relationships.
Our meeting with the IPT/FPT Tax Officers lasted 2.5 hours and allowed us to cover a variety of technical areas of Austrian IPT/FPT including the legislation, fiscal representation, branch registration and location of risk. Furthermore, it allowed us to explore areas where the IPT legislation is not explicit such as premium allocation, master policies and non-admitted business. We are also working together with the authorities on our general and long-term rate tables. These are used to assist our clients with high level checks when filing and settling premium taxes, mapping existing and new insurance products to ascertain the correct rate, consulting projects and so on.
If you have any queries regarding Austrian IPT or FPT please contact:
Paul Chater
Ladislav Hanak
t: +44 (0)20 7036 8070