Paul Chater and Maria Panteloglou travelled to Athens between 6 & 8 October 2014 to meet the authorities responsible for administering and enforcing Greek premium taxes and contributions levied on insurance transactions. This proved to be a very successful series of meetings that allowed us to develop a closer working relationship with each of the authorities.
FiscalReps met all of the relevant authorities to discuss the relevant legislation, tax authority guidance and case law; namely the:
  • Ministry of Finance (IPT);
  • TEAA PAE (Pension Fund)
  • Motor Guarantee Fund (MGF) and
  • Bank of Greece (the Private Life Insurance Guarantee Fund or PLIGF)
FiscalReps was delighted to be informed by the authorities that our Rate Tables were accurate and the Ministry of Finance jokingly offered Maria Panteloglou a role at the Ministry.
It is interesting to note that at a time when the Greek Government is looking to generate extra revenue for the country we have seen two contributions on insurance transactions abolished in 2014, namely the TEO earlier this year and the TEAA PAE at the end of 2014. FiscalReps will keep you updated on any developments.