FiscalReps Meets the Slovakian Tax Office

Having had meetings with the Slovak Ministry of Finance in November 2016 and Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic in May 2017, Client Director Ladislav Hanak met with the Tax Office for Selected Taxpayers (“TOST”)  in Bratislava (Slovakia) last week to clarify and discuss the compliance process relating to the 8% Non-life Insurance Levy.

The aim of this meeting was to discuss and agree on the next steps relating to registration. FiscalReps presented an example registration documentation which was discussed and reviewed by TOST. TOST’s intention is to keep the process simple and efficient and confirmed that the registration documents can be posted to Slovakia. Interestingly, the new system that will be used by TOST for processing the registration documents is expected to be implemented on 15 November 2017. Currently, their system is going through a review and testing phase. That said, FiscalReps has already initiated the registration process with clients based on the registration documentation templates forwarded from the Financial Administration and the documents will shortly be delivered to TOST. The new system will allow the Tax Office to issue relevant OUD (Osobný Účet Daňového subjektu) numbers which are essentially personal account numbers for the taxpayers to which the settlement must be made.    

On a separate note, as a direct result of our discussions with the Ministry of Finance, Financial Administration and TOST, the Slovakian authorities have realised the importance of clear legislation and guidance. As such there is an ongoing dialogue amongst Slovakian authorities about introducing a precise Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) legislation. The plan is to change the name of the contribution from “Levy” to “Insurance Premium Tax” and implement an IPT Act that will cover all relevant aspects.

We will continue to stay in close and regular contact with the Slovakian authorities to enable us to strengthen our relationship with them and to ensure that we remain up to date with changes to ensure our clients meet their compliance obligations. 

If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Client Team or Ladislav Hanak.

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