FiscalReps Meets Austrian Tax Authority

In order to further strengthen relationships and follow up with open queries, FiscalReps held a number of successful meetings with the Austrian Tax Authority and clients in Vienna in February.

The meeting with the Austrian Tax Authority was extremely valuable enabling us to examine a variety of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) registration and compliance questions. The discussion focussed on specific scenarios and highly technical issues regarding IPT and Fire Protection Tax (FPT). 

FiscalReps prides itself on developing and maintaining strong working relationships with individual country Tax Authorities to ensure that our information is always current and correctly applied to all IPT Outsourcing and Consultancy services provided.

If you have any queries regarding Austrian IPT or FPT please contact either Client Director, Ladislav Hanak or Client Specialist, Patrizia Mach.

t:  +44 (0)20 7036 8070