On 15 June 2016, FiscalReps welcomed the French Caisse Centrale de Réassurance (CCR) in London for a special presentation of the French CatNat regime.  Elsa Calando and Malgorzata Sroka, both vice presidents in charge of the management of the CatNat regime at the CCR, provided an in-depth analysis of the Natural Catastrophes risks in France and its overseas territories as well as the different reinsurance schemes available for insurance companies writing business in France under the Freedom of Services regime.

According to the latest estimated figures, the cost of the recent floods in Paris and surrounding area is expected to be in excess of EUR 1 billion.  This illustrates the importance of the CatNat regime in France.
Based on the numerous questions raised during the presentation, the French CatNat regime remains a topic full of uncertainty for FOS insurers.

Thanks to its close and continuous relations with the CCR, FiscalReps can assist any insurance entity that wants to understand the implications of the CatNat regime on their insurance contracts and tax applications.
If you have any questions regarding the French CatNat regime, please contact:
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