On 12 February 2014, FiscalReps held its Masterclass: Understanding Eastern European Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) in London.

The Masterclass began at 11am, with an introduction from Peter Hewitt FTII, Head of European Tax Practice.

Ing. Ladislav Hanak, Senior Client Manager, followed with the hosting of the technical country presentations, supported by Emma Stephen, Senior Client Technician and Kathrin Ullrich, Client Administrator. The presentations started with Central and Eastern European countries with insurance premium tax regime, in the order of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia, with worked premium tax calculations. The presentations continued with Central and Eastern European countries planning to implement, or which recently introduced, insurance premium tax in the order of Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovak Republic. Each country covered the individual requirements and complexities posed by filing insurance premium tax and parafiscal taxes.

The Masterclass was aimed at giving attendees a better understanding of the intricacies of insurance premium tax and to give a flavour of what can be offered on the FiscalReps Technical Training Courses.