IPT Training Courses: September 2012

Following extremely positive feedback from the 200+ insurance industry professionals that attended FiscalReps Training in 2011, FiscalReps have expanded their range of training courses offered for 2012.

"Very useful course, reinforced but also added to my IPT knowledge and will help me in my day to day tax dealings."

"The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. Very good notes and information were provided - the course was delivered at a good tempo!"

As the only company focused specifically on this niche market of international tax compliance, FiscalReps has established a reputation as the leading experts in this field. In an ever-increasing compliance driven environment, training employees in the area of insurance premium tax compliance can have a direct financial benefit by mitigating the risk of premium tax non-compliance.

FiscalReps have developed three levels of IPT training courses plus offer a Bespoke training service to clients:

IPT Basics Course
  • Gives attendees entry point information on the regulations and laws governing premium taxes across the EU, considering the regional differences and highlighting the sources of information available in order to collect reliable and accurate tax rate information.
  • Introduces the concepts of Location of Risk and Class of Business and how they impact the calculation of premium taxes, worked examples are used to demonstrate how premium and other parafiscal taxes are calculated.
  • Delivers and introduction into premium tax compliance, highlighting the multitude of regular compliance requirements for taxpayers, and what can happen if compliance failures occur.
IPT Intermediate Course
  • Builds on the knowledge gained on the Basics course, Intermediate focusses on detailed premium tax issues that relate to specific classes of insurance business.
  • Expands the area of premium allocation, identifying the criteria used to determine the appropriate allocation methodology and demonstrating calculations through worked examples.
  • Considers the premium tax implications for policyholders, brokers and insurers when writing global programs either on a non-admitted basis or in co-insurance arrangements.
IPT Advanced Course
  • The newly developed Advanced course details the systems, processing and accounting requirements for accurate premium tax reporting. The course builds on the knowledge gained in the Intermediate course and is recommended for those wishing to advance their knowledge.
  • Covering accounting requirements and financial implications of tax errors, the Advanced course provides delegates with guidance when dealing with tax office inspections or audits and finally considers at a high level how to translate the corporate governance of an organisation into a robust and effective premium tax compliance system.
These one day training courses will give all attendees ample practical and technical knowledge of IPT to make an immediate and positive impact within their organisation. The courses are run in an interactive format using a variety of learning mediums including presentations, group discussions and application of knowledge by worked examples.

There are a maximum number of 12 attendees per course which will be held at our offices in central London (10 Fenchurch Avenue | London | EC3M 5BN).

Bespoke Courses

FiscalReps Training delivers bespoke training for your individual organisations requirements. Instead of attending our Fenchurch Avenue training, you can arrange for our training team come to you which will save on travel and accommodation costs. This also enables you to release more of your employees to attend the training.

Training Calendar 2012

IPT Basics - 24th September

IPT Intermediate - 25th September

IPT Advanced - 26th September

Course fees per attendee

IPT Basics - £395 & VAT | IPT Intermediate - £395 & VAT | IPT Advanced - £395 & VAT

Individual attendees wishing to sign up to more than one level of course can avail from the following discounts:

1 Course - £395 & VAT | 2 Courses - £710 & VAT | 3 Courses - £1,000 & VAT

Your Trainer

Mike Stalley FCA, Chief Executive of Fiscal Reps Limited, offers over 15 years’ experience of insurance and financial services.  A qualified chartered accountant with extensive experience of international insurance operations, Mike oversees all aspects of both the day-to-day and long-term operations of FiscalReps. Mike founded the company in 2003 after encountering first-hand the challenges of achieving IPT compliance in the European Union. 

For more information or to book your course visit our website at www.fiscalreps.com/training

Should you be unable to attend in person, the course content and materials, plus a podcast of the course delivery, is available to purchase for £250 price from our website at www.fiscalreps.com/training/training-material

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information or would like to discuss further.  

Rebecca Taylor
Fiscal Reps Limited
t: +44 (0)20 7036 8070
e: rebecca.taylor@fiscalreps.com