FiscalReps attended the two day European Captive Forum (ECF) held in Luxembourg on 11 and 12 November. The ECF was a fantastic platform for FiscalReps to meet many existing clients. FiscalReps had a booth at the Forum which enabled us to showcase the range of services we provide.
Karen Jenner, Client Director of FiscalReps’ Captive Practice took part in a presentation with Clive James from Kane and Eric Bloem from Heineken, discussing the unbundling of Captive Services. This discussion highlighted the potential value of FiscalReps for Captives wanting to outsource their internal functions. Another key theme highlighted at the forum was the complex nature of compliance across the globe due to the decentralised approach many of the individual tax authorities take. FiscalReps can offer a variety of services to assist insurance companies in managing their indirect tax compliance.
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