Following its proactive compliance strategy in working with the tax authorities, FiscalReps visited France last month. I paid a visit to the tax office of Noisy-le-Grand with Paul Chater, Head of IPT, to deepen our relations with the local tax authorities.

Unlike other territorial tax offices that deal with companies and particulars located in their geographical area, this tax office only handles foreign companies and individuals, also called “non-residents”. Located in Paris suburbs, Noisy-le-Grand tax office employs around 500 people and has been hosting the Copernic program, dedicated to the online tax payment and management, since 2001. For FiscalReps, this tax office is the key contact in France as its goal is to manage all foreign companies’ taxes. VAT payments for foreign companies are already centralized in Noisy-le-Grand, but this is not the case for IPT yet, as some companies are still registered in territorial tax offices.

This visit gave us the opportunity to follow-up the transfer of some of our clients, to familiarize ourselves with the structure of the service dedicated to IPT and also to get answers for technical questions on tax calculations. But most importantly, FiscalReps willingness to comply with local legislation is reinforced, which allows us to maintain a privileged relationship with French tax authorities for the benefit of our clients.

FiscalReps will continue with this goal and are scheduled to meet with other tax authorities’ contacts in the next months. We will keep you updated.

Good to know, French tax authorities dedicate a space for foreign companies on their website:

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