Mike Stalley, Asher Harris and Olivia Larson attended the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) conference as exhibitors promoting our American compliance solutions business; complianceDNA.

The conference was held in Scottsdale, Arizona from March 6 th – March 8 th 2016.

CICA is a domicile-neutral association that appeals to captive owners, captive managers, risk managers, domiciled regulators and service providers for its networking and extensive education at all levels. complianceDNA was one of the few service provider businesses exhibiting at CICA and thus it was a great opportunity to further our knowledge in what solutions complianceDNA can offer to Captives.

We asked, “What’s on your NOT to-do list? These are the tasks we want to help you carry out.” Some of the repeated concerns for captive managers were the administrative tasks required by each state department to keep license active and current in that state; a lack of knowledge in various state legislation pertaining to Captives, Risk Purchasing Groups, Risk Retention Groups etc.; We also met a number of people who had little to no knowledge on Self placement taxes. These are the type of necessary evils that must be understood and completed by someone - complianceDNA is specialized to fit around the clients tax and regulatory needs, not the other way around!

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