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08 November 2017 Articles

Compliance Across Borders

Karen Jenner, of FiscalReps, discusses the need for clarity in global programmes to ensure multi-jurisdictional compliance needs are met
15 August 2017 Articles

The Cost of Indirect Tax

Errors in the management of indirect taxes can have a direct impact on the financial performance of your business, as Mike Stalley explores.
14 July 2017 Articles

Simplifying the Complex

Karen Jenner discusses why TAXBOX2® is a viable compliance solution for insurance companies of all sizes and types
16 August 2016 Articles

TAXBOX - Global Premium Tax Database

FiscalReps’ CEO Mike Stalley discusses the requirements for building and maintaining a global premium tax database, and why a single consolidated source of global information is of benefit to the captive industry
09 August 2016 Articles

Panama Papers

Although the Panama Papers brought focus to the appropriate use of a captive, Mike Stalley of FiscalReps suggests the leak could benefit the industry
12 January 2016 Articles

Captive Review Tech Report 2016

Mike Stalley, of FiscalReps, discusses the impact of taxBOX and how the ground-breaking software stays ahead of competitors
21 October 2015 Articles

Keeping Tax Compliant

Karen Jenner, director at FiscalReps, discusses what captives can do to avoid an audit from the tax authorities of EU countries
02 February 2015 Articles

Marine vs Aviation

Ladislav Hanak, Client Director at FiscalReps, reviews marine and aviation insurance premium tax rates and how they are applicable throughout Europe
20 May 2014 Articles

The Impact of Taxes on Global Programmes

Driven by the global financial crisis and the need to balance their books, governments are targeting insurance as a source of much needed tax revenue, leaving businesses vulnerable to changing legislation and stringent penalties